Sodium Bromide Salt

Sodium Bromide Salt Manufacturer

By looking towards the more market demand, we are majorly making and supplying this Sodium Bromide Salt to the customers in a wide basis. This bromide salt is useful for the chemical transitional for the other chemical makings, photographic processing and also for the water clarification utilizations etc. our team is manufacturing this product with the fine features of balanced chemical composition, moisture free and recovered in quality.

Our company's prepared Sodium Bromide Salt is expansively applicable as a base of essential bromine in chemical reactions. Our unit used to thoroughly check this item and then sending to the customers and importantly this is created with the good quality of resources for its ideal quality in final process. We are selling this item in a carefully packed way at very economical price.

Information :

  • This Sodium bromide is kind of salt and also identified as NaBr
  • This bromide compound is widely used as an anticonvulsant and a sedative
  • This is a nature of high-melting crystalline solid that be similar to sodium chloride

Ideal features :

  • Zero moisture
  • Balanced chemical composition
  • Best quality


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