Phase Transfer Catalyst

Phase Transfer Catalyst Manufacturer

Our offered Phase Transfer Catalyst is chiefly utilized for combination of organics, for example, pharmaceuticals, colors, synthetic compounds and so forth. Phase Transfer Catalyst is an impetus that encourages the movement of a reactant from one stage into another stage where response happens. Our provided catalyst is known to in some cases quicken response rates and limit dissolvable waste.

This chemical compound empowers the response in a heterogeneous framework between general natural mixes dissolvable in natural solvents and mixes dissolvable in water, for example, inorganic salts. Due to this, our customers more availing this item from us and also we are giving this at very nominal price range.

Information :

  • This Phase Transfer Catalyst is a unique type of heterogeneous catalysis
  • The catalyst capacities like a cleanser for solubilizing the salts into the natural stage

Ideal features :

  • Out of harm's way for consumption
  • Standard quality
  • Faultless compositions


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